Learn Self Defense in a Street Fight by Learning How to Punch

Learning how to punch is probably the first form of self defense everyone learns. You might have learned how to punch during schoolyard fights. Or, your father might have taught you how to punch while you were young. You might even have learned it in the dojo as your first martial arts move. But, no matter where you learned how to do it, the punch is the most common self defense technique that is taught. There is a problem, though …

Does a Punch Do Any Good in a Real Street Fight?

Most punches people throw in a street fight are instinctively directed at their attacker’s head. Subconsciously, we know a punch to the head is our best chance to take out the bad guy. Unfortunately, although your attacker’s head encloses his brain, it’s protected quite well by his very hard skull. And, when your opponent senses a punch is on the way, he will instinctively respond if he feels his head is in danger. This instinctive response involves tucking his head and chin to protect his throat and his eyes, which also positions his hard, bony skull as the landing zone for your much more delicate knuckles. The skull is about as “bulletproof” as any body part can be.

Why a Punch in a Street Fight Can be Dangerous

A traditional punch thrown to your opponent’s head during a street fight means you’ll probably hit his skull. Your fist will be clenched during the punch, and when your knuckles hit something as hard as a skull during a street fight, they’ll probably break. Broken knuckles will decrease your ability to defend yourself because now, any blows you strike with your injured hand will be less powerful. Unfortunately, you’ll also lose more than just your ability to throw a hard punch if your knuckles are injured.

Weapons and Broken Knuckles Are Not a Good Combination in a Real Street Fight

It’s possible that you carry a weapon – something like a gun or a knife – for self defense. Or, maybe your attacker is carrying a weapon and you’re able to take it away from him and use it for your self defense. However, if your knuckles are injured by punching, you might not be able to use a gun or a knife nearly as effectively, if at all. Your hand will be crippled so you won’t be able to open or hold a knife very firmly. Basically, you won’t be able to aim a gun, much less pull the trigger, after you’ve broken your knuckles by punching your opponent’s head. That means that knife or gun, which could have been an effective self defense weapon, is now useless!

Three Techniques Provide Better Self Defense than a Punch

Although you can use a variety of blows for self defense, the three best choices during a street fight are the hammer fist, the palm heel and the edge of hand blow. All three of these blows are more powerful than a traditional punch, and mastering them for self defense is easy. However, being able to strike your opponent with any of these techniques and have a much lower risk of hurting yourself than with a traditional punch is just as important as the power they pack.

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A Self Defense Move to Use When Multiple Attackers Have You Backed up Against a Wall

Facing multiple attackers who have you backed up against a wall is a street fight self defense nightmare. When cornered this way, most people would cover up and then beg for mercy, in the hopes of not being beaten into a pulp. It can look pretty hopeless when multiple attackers have you backed up against a wall, but is there a self defense move that can get you out of this mess? Fortunately, yes. The situation isn’t quite as desperate as you probably think

When Multiple Attackers Have You Pinned, Get Street Fight Physics on Your Side with This Self Defense Technique

There are too many attackers and nowhere for you to go, because you’re backed up against a wall. You could be the strongest guy in the world, but there are so many of them you’d never be able to push them all out of the way. Your instinct is to push, but what you really need is the path of least resistance. There’s a self defense move that uses street fight physics to your advantage. See, you won’t be able to move all those multiple attackers by pushing them, but you will be able to move laterally. As a matter of fact, the harder they push into you, the more side to side mobility you’ll have because their pushing will give you more lateral force.

A Self Defense Move That Will Topple Multiple Attackers

Whenever you’re up against multiple attackers and they have you backed up against a wall, the self defense technique I’m going to describe will topple them like magic. And it will work whether there are 2 or 35 of them. Make sure you act fast, though, so you can avoid as many punches as possible. Start this self defense move by picking one of your attackers as your target. As long as he’s inside the close quarters combat zone the particular fighter you pick won’t matter much, although the one closest to you is usually best. Next, reach for somewhere on your target’s body where you can gain leverage. I like the chin because if you control an opponent’s head his body will follow along. You’re in a self defense situation, though, and any close leveraging body part will work, like the inside or outside of an elbow.

Use one hand to reach up and suddenly push your target sideways while he’s pushing toward you. Your back is against the wall, but it can help you. Push off the wall as you’re making this self defense move and you’ll gain power and stability. As you’re pushing your target sideways, move your body in the opposite direction along the wall.

What Makes This Self Defense Technique So Effective Against Multiple Attackers?

Ahh … the power of physics it’s not magic, but close. Your multiple attackers are exerting a lot of pressure as they push into you. But, as your body shifts sideways along the wall and out of their path, their momentum continues to carry them forward. When you push your target sideways and move along the wall in the other direction, the other attackers will collapse in a heap. You can then make your escape through the gap you created.

You might think I’m dreaming because I’m saying that this simple self defense move will work against multiple attackers. You can show yourself how well it works, though – just get some of your friends to push you up against a wall with all their strength and then try it for yourself.

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In a Ground Fight, A Knockout Is Your Best Means Of Self Defense

In case you’re just like a great many others, you most likely think you’d have to produce a substantially potent blow to someone’s head so as to end up with a knockout within a ground fight? Not surprisingly, in the case of self defense, most knockout blows tend to be launched during the time when you’re standing on your feet, whilst in the position for you to place a substantial strike. Regrettably however, if you’re in a ground fight, the laws have a tendency to evolve, because you might be lying flat on your back, which in turn would mean it’ll be tough to produce some sort of knockout blow. To make the situation even worse, all those parts on the human body the most susceptible to knockout blows may very well be totally out of reach, especially if your attacker is actually on the top of you. Nevertheless, a good knockout continues to be achievable in a ground fight, and it also continues to be your smartest choice when it comes to finishing your struggle within the least amount of time.

Launching The Knockout Blow In Your Ground Fight

Any time you’re within a self defense predicament which involves some sort of ground fight, the very first thing you have to bear in mind is the fact that all of the possible knockout spots sit higher than the neck and throat of your attacker. Having your attacker straddled over you is especially perilous, considering that he’ll be in an excellent position to give remarkably potent blows, while at the same time, it may seem just about impossible for you to place any punches whatsoever. In this particular predicament, your sole concern is to get the attacker’s target zones to come back within reach. This is accomplished simply by getting your hands on his clothing so you can make him shift nearer to you. At this stage, not only will almost all his knockout areas end up being closer, but one region especially, will be in the perfect placement to be able to take full advantage of.

The Most Perfect Target To Get A Single Strike Knockout That Will See Your Attacker Having A Sleep

The following magic formula I’m going to disclose involves an area of our body that is frequently forgotten about, but yet it offers you the perfect chance of a knockout in any ground fight. The region concerned is in reality a pressure point situated at the rear of your head close to the hairline, roughly half way between the ears and the spine. Another advantage is your attacker has got two of these pressure points – one found on each side of his spine, which means you really have two spots. Of course, hitting this particular vicinity is definitely something you must only ever carry out within a self defense predicament, simply because not only can one single strike cause a knockout, but, when made with a good amount of power, it might result in a death.

To make Effective Contact With Your Target In A Ground Fight

Within a worst case dilemma in which you’re part of a ground fight, with your attacker pinning you down on your back, you have to reach upwards following the middle of his body using either one of your arms. Your ultimate goal is to find your arm over his shoulder on the same side as the arm you’re working with. After that, when you draw him nearer using your other arm, you’ll get clear access to the intended target. Regrettably, many people just begin striking their opponent’s back at this stage, however these kinds of measures are going to be useless, taking into consideration the back is filled with muscle tissue. If your attacker is actually on top of you, plus he’s in the course of giving potent punches, you just don’t have enough time to throw away regarding inadequate self defense strategies. Rather than laying there accepting even more abuse, take your chance to slam your target region and also conclude the battle. To achieve this, you have to slam the actual back heel of the palm on the target with all the strength you have. Afterwards, as soon as you sense his body loosen up, just move him aside. Okay, you’ve now learned the best way to produce a good knockout strike during an actual ground fight.

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Use The Hammer Fist Self Defense Method For A Single Punch Knockout

Just imagine having the strength to knock a person out by means of just one blow if you find yourself in a situation where self defense becomes necessary. The trouble with seeking to knock a person out by means of just one hit however tends to be that when you’re under the pressure, and your adrenaline is flowing, your fine motor skills are hampered, rendering it extremely tough to work with the elaborate martial arts training tactics you’d learn about in any regular fighting system. In a genuine street fight, you are going to have to rely solely on your gross motor skills, and a few common self defense tactics. To put it differently, a regular blow isn’t simple to carry out under pressure, particularly in cases where you want to knock a person out by means of just one hit. You’ll have to aim any blow very accurately, plus you’re going to be taking the impact of the strike plus the resultant physical pain on your knuckles, which unfortunately aren’t exactly the hardiest part of your body. There’s a more rewarding self defense strategy intended for achieving a one-punch knockout.


The Way To Knock Anyone Out Utilizing Only One Blow – The Hammer Fist

A hammer fist blow is amongst the most potent of all self defense practices you can utilize within a serious street fight. This is essential because it relies on your gross motor skills, making use of the underlying part of the fists, instead of your knuckles, right next to the wrist where the hand and arms are generally the most rigid. You execute a hammer fist in self-defense in much the same way you would drive a nail into a piece of lumber. When you whack the appropriate target making use of a hammer fist, you can without a doubt achieve a single strike knockout.

Hammer Fist Aimed towards Knocking A Person Out With Just One Hit

The key target for any hammer fist self defense tactic is definitely the jaw. This is due to the fact that the jaw happens to be connected to a bunch of nerves just where it joins the skull, slightly below the bottom part of the ear. The group of nerves transmits signals to the body’s neurological system, thus making them a highly vulnerable target for you to aim for produce a sudden knockout. Here’s the best way to hit this specific target to be able to get a one-blow knockout……..

The Best Way To Punch The Jaw For Your One Punch Knockout

You in essence now have a pair of targets you could smack with a hammer first self defense technique. You could possibly punch the jaw just where it hooks up to the skull, hammering precisely where those nerve fibers intersect. Alternatively, you could punch the underside of the chin using a hammer fist, striking horizontally, which will give you far more leverage, and will allow you to deliver more of a shock to the neurological system. Make absolutely certain that when you cast your hammer fist blow, you are close up enough to contact powerfully. You also want to keep your elbow in close proximity to your own body to make sure you have your full weight behind the blow, while at the same time keeping your hand and wrist rigid.

Innovative Self Defense Sneak Attack For A One Punch Knockout

In any serious street fight, folks automatically lower their chins to shield their throats, and they’re going to clench their teeth automatically as well should they feel they’re about to get hit. As a result, the perfect time to successfully assault the jaw, or the chin, occurs when your assailant is talking because at that point, his mouth will be open. For maximum effect during self defense, time your blow for when your opponent is mouthing off to tell you that he’s planning to strike you. His threat not only justifies the use of self defense, but additionally, with his chin moving and his mouth open, his jaw will be in the best possible position for a single hammer fist strike to result in a knockout.

One more tip you should look at is this dominating “self defense” video on a very simple (but powerful) self defense “trick” and then visit http://www.survive-the-street.com to check out all the amazing tips and videos on self defense.

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Self Defense – How To Get That Killer Knockout in a Ground Fight

If you’re like many others, you more than likely believe you would need to deliver a considerably powerful blow to someone’s head in order to have a knockout during a ground fight? After all, when it comes to self defense, the vast majority of knockout blows are delivered at a time when you’re standing on your feet, and in a position to throw a powerful punch. Unfortunately however, when you’re in a ground fight, the rules tend to change, since you could very well be lying flat on your back, which in turn means it will be difficult to deliver a knockout blow. To make matters worse, those areas of the body most vulnerable to knockout blows may be completely out of reach, particularly if your opponent is on top of you. Even so, a knockout is still possible in a ground fight, and it remains your best option for ending the fight in the shortest possible time.

Delivering A Knockout Strike In A Ground Fight

When you’re in a self defense situation that involves a ground fight, the first thing you need to remember is that all the potential knockout targets are situated above the neck of the opponent. Having your opponent straddled on top of you is particularly dangerous, given that he will be in a great position to deliver extremely powerful blow, while at the same time, you may find it almost impossible to land any punches at all. In this situation, your main priority is to get your opponent’s target areas back within reach. This is done by grabbing hold of his shirt so that you can force him to move closer to you. At this point, not only will all his knockout zones be nearer, but one area in particular, will be in just the right position for you to take advantage of.

The Perfect Target For A Single Blow Knockout Which Will See Your Opponent Taking A Nap

This little secret I’m about to reveal concerns a part of the body which is often overlooked, and yet it provides you with an ideal opportunity for a knockout in a ground fight. The area in question is actually a pressure point located at the back of the head near the hairline, approximately midway between the ear and the spine. Another bonus here is that your opponent has two of these pressure points – one on either side of his spine, meaning you actually have two targets. Now, striking this area is something you should only ever do in a self defense situation, because not only can a single punch result in a knockout, but, if delivered with sufficient force, it could result in a fatality.

Making Proper Contact With The Target During A Ground Fight

In a worst case scenario where you’re involved in a ground fight, and your opponent has you pinned down on your back, you need to reach up along the center of his body with either one of your arms. Your goal is to get your arm over his shoulder on the same side as the arm you are using. Then, as you pull him closer with your other arm, you’ll have unobstructed access to your target. Unfortunately, most people simply start punching their opponent’s back at this point, but of course such actions will be futile, considering the back is full of muscle. When your opponent is on top of you, and he’s in the midst of delivering powerful punches, you simply don’t have time to waste on ineffective self defense techniques. Instead of lying there taking more punishment, seize your opportunity to strike the target area and end the fight. To do this, you need to slam the heel of your hand onto the target with as much force as you can muster. Then, once you feel his body relax, you can simply roll him to the side. So, now you know how to deliver a knockout blow in a real ground fight.

Also, there’s a short and awesome “self defense” video you should see (it’s a killer self defense “trick”), and then stop by Jeff Anderson’s site at survive-the-street.com that’s loaded with even more powerful tips on how to defend yourself.

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